Louis Andriessen. Workers Union symphonic movement for any loud sounding of instruments for variable ensemble. 1 Donemus. The aim of Dutch composer Louis Andriessen’s ensemble piece is to sweep away old limitations. Workers Union is a composition by Louis Andriessen intended for any loud- sounding group of instruments. It was originally written for the orchestra De.

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Audio Guide: Louis Andriessen’s Workers Union | London Sinfonietta

Andriessem creates an atonal piece with many polyphonic phrases. Any broadcast within 1 year of the recording of the work is defined as a ‘live’ broadcast. Before simply playing the rhythms indicated on the score, one must select a middle pitch. Get more from the London Sinfonietta For all the latest stories, announcements and opportunities, sign up unlon our e-list If you buy a license you also need to buy 1 copy of the rental parts see above.

Sections may be repeated as many times as the conductor wishes, resulting in varying performance lengths. He achieves this by using a very simple rhythmic cell as the basis for the entire work which you can hear in the opening moments of the piece. Every instrument plays different notes that follow the same rhythm and ascending hnion descending patterns.

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Workers Union (Andriessen)

Variable instrumentation; Mixed choir wodkers instruments; Voice and instrument s Instruments: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If you are going to perform this composition, you can enter your concert information here.

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Please note that you require a copy of this product for every user. Views Read Edit View history. We will publish this information at the Donemus Facebook page and in the Donemus Concert Agenda pagina.

andrisesen And in his performance note in the score he says: Louis Andriessen’s Workers Union. If executed properly, the piece sounds mechanical as the instrumentation operates in perfect unison. This helps give the piece a feeling of fusion. In all other cases the product is sent to you physically. Notes that are written above the andrieesen should be played higher than the preselected pitch and vice versa.

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It is a melodically indeterminate piece; this means there is no key and no defined melody. Workers Union De Materie Each musician chooses their own pitch that will represent the midway point. This piece is a combination of individual freedom and severe discipline: There are points in the piece where the ensemble splits into two groups. How to Play [ edit ] Before simply playing the rhythms indicated on the score, one must select a middle pitch.

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So you hear new ideas being introduced in the music but they always sound related. Workers Union was originally written for the orchestra De Volharding Perseverancein which I myself figured as a pianist at that time.

There is a single line through the center of the staff that indicates the aforementioned middle pitch – a pitch line. You can rent this work by purchasing a rental license for one or more performances.

For every broadcast you need to obtain a license.

Andriessen says of the work: Hoketus Orkest de Volharding. The piece is all about rhythm and Andriessen manages to create a single span of music that is uncompromising, obsessive, relentless and constantly surprising.

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