Anarchy Evolution has ratings and reviews. Michael said: Greg Graffin, through his music, has been one of my most profound personal influences. Greg Graffin, and this uniquely fascinating book.” —Jared Diamond, author of Guns, Germs, and Steel Anarchy Evolution is a provocative look at the collision. Gregory Walter Graffin (født 6. november ) er amerikansk sanger, musiker, Evolutionists (); Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, and Bad Religion in a.

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No deberia preocuparnos lo que pasa con nosotr Acabo de terminar el libro. The sciences increasingly supply the paradigms by which we conceptualize the world, and the arts will not stay independent of them.

Graffin shouldn’t have used “Anarchy” in the title. Additionally, I don’t think I was the target audience for this book.

In these chapters he presents a compelling argument about ethics and Atheism anarcny which he proposes a myriad of reasons and ways atheists are actually more motivated than religious people to live a good life and take care of the natural world i. I am sure I will take many nuggets from this book and use them when discussing my beliefs with my religious friends.

Greg Graffin

The book is interesting enough even if it did loose me a few times but I can’t say that it’s a book I will want to read a second time either. Now this was a fun challenge. They were always jokingly called “thesaurus punk” due to Graffin’s propensity for using complex technical terms in evolutionn lyrics, and yet in the context of the narrative he presents here, his lyrics take on an even deeper relevance.

Steve Olson Goodreads Author.

However, I do realize that he was writing for a broad audience, so he had to keep it simple. I could quote the book – since most readers have probably forgotten all of it by now – but remember all those parts about punk music meaning something??? Acabo de terminar el libro. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. If you’re a fan of the band, it will give you all kinds of glimpses behind the scenes of their development and history; and even if you’re simply a science, ezpaol, or religion buff, you might find it interesting how he builds and presents his views.


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YES, it’s not hard to prove you are smarter than all the other punks who got arrested, abused, dropped out, or just died from stupidity – sorry, the bar was low buddy. Graffin makes it abundantly clear that his slightly unorthodox view of the importance of natural selection to overall evolutionary theory should give no aid and comfort to creationists or their evolutkon cousins, Intelligent Design advocates. Take another man who wonders whether vertebrates arose in rivers anarcgy in the ocean, is fascinated by evolution, creativity, and Ice Age animals.

Therefore, I was sure his musings on Atheism would reflect the same quality. But often we get barbarians and free-thinkers fully embracing the lusts of atheism on the masses. Those were still fun songs though. Soon I found out, to my surprise, that he is a biologist! Oct 01, Jan rated it liked it Shelves: Since 15 I’ve listened to Bad Religion.

After purchasing this book based on title and gragfin alone over 5 years ago, I finally opened it up several weeks ago and steadily plowed through it, piece by piece, any free anarcjy I had.

I thought the book worked best when Gaffin spoke of his personal life. Oct 02, Myron rated it liked it Shelves: Greg Graffin and I look at life in very much the same way. Jan 04, David Holtkamp rated it really liked it. Their resulting year-long e-mail exchange was published as a book inentitled “Is Belief in God Good, Bad or Irrelevant?

Greg Graffin – Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi

Amazon Second Chance Donar, intercambiar, dar una segunda vida. If we influence people in a positive way — even if our social web is only as big as our nuclear family — others will want to emulate us and pass on our ideas, manners, and lifestyle to future generations.

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Jun 03, M. I had to get to known the lead vocalist. Oct 01, Kim Parker rated it it was amazing. And the general retardedness of the Ramones? Here’s a game I play with all Evolutionary Propaganda: Each topic could give an interesting book but this one comes short of delivering an interesting mix. My introduction to Greg Graffin and Bad Religion came through his doctoral dissertation, which I purchased from Graffin and got autographed.

Nevertheless, I typed the book’s title on Scribd. Graffin obtained his Ph.

Jan 18, Anarcuy rated it liked it Shelves: I didn’t have to read the Bible to get the gist of Jesus’ life. Jul 02, Michael Anderson rated it really liked it. Their ignorance and general laziness may be your undoing.

Can’t rate it higher because it lacks structure as a book, but I enjoyed reading through it anyway. Religions are beliefs that people can have but they are not science or a way to understand how the world developed or is still changing. This part was totally worth reading.

At this point his arguments, structured around the parallels he sees in the scientific process and the order of the natural world, the creative process, and evolutioon process of developing a life philosophy minus God, gracfin begin to mesh.

But he also wishes to show that science, maybe especially evolutionary biology, is still an active, lively field with vivid, animated debates But Greg seems to consider all of his fans enlightened citizens of a possible Utopian culture