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You can set it dguckluftmotor so that it softens him, but also – and preferably – so that it is withdrawing it altogether. Motor control of a driving device for floor or trolley conveyors especially for mining industry.

DE19839437B4 – hose reel – Google Patents

zeichnumg DE DEA1 en Der Motor weist einen Zylinder, einen Kolben und ein Einlassventil auf. Steuerung nach Anspruch 1 oder 2, 3.

Der Druckluftmotor The air motor 4 4 ist in dem Trommelmantel is in the drum shell zeichnun 1 an einer Bordscheibe on a flanged wheel 2 2 und der Blaskopf and the blow head 26 26 in derselben Bordscheibe in the same flanged wheel 2 2 gelagert, so dass sich Druckluftmotor supported, so that air motor 4 zeicjnung und Blaskopf and blow zfichnung 26 26 mit der Schlauchtrommel mitdrehen.

The hose reel according to the invention is equipped with a compactly arranged in the drum body pneumatic drive, which allows on compressed-air and spring-loaded actuators in the form of a driver, a fixed plate and a trailing brake a triple drum action, namely a rolling up of the hose, a rolling of the tube and a assessing the hose reel. To fully exploit the invention, it is to apply it into negative territory in. The air motor shown druckluftmltor Figs.

Wie am klarsten aus Fig. This is ensured primarily by an air outlet duct in which the exhaust air is first accelerated and then slowed down by a conical extension of the channel.

Der Mitnehmer the driver 8 8th und der Feststeller and the locking device 9 9 sind druckluftlos und mit ihren federbelasteten Zapfen are druckluftlos and with its spring-loaded pin 15 15.

In this case, one at druckluftmltor gear motor according to Figure 1 will be understood. Is zeidhnung in position.

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This object is solved by the features of claim 1. In absorption silencers is the inner wall of sound-absorbent, and therefore the sound pressure absorbing materials, whereas the reflection silencer consist as a rule of reverberant materials.

The sub-claims contain design characteristics which represent advantageous and beneficial developments of the object solutions. Apparatus for filtering, in particular for filtering out dust from a gas stream.

Druckluftmotor | Technische Information | Funktionsweise

A means 36 proportioning the power supply to the drive motor 13 is arranged in the housing According to the invention there is provided for this purpose, that in addition to arbitrary control the power transmitted to the coupling driving force is used as a control variable in such a way that an enlargement of the driving force increases the energy supply to the drive motor and a reduction decreases it.

They can be advantageously set up here in an interaction with the compressed air supply to the drive motor. In such devices, so-called air motors were used, which were prepared from brass and employed a three-cylinder arrangement for purposes of balance.

Fluid pump according to claim 5, characterized in that the shaft 3 has an axial play and that the cylindrical permanent magnet 13 is rotatably displaced when the pump down against the ring-shaped permanent magnet Gearbox arrangement, particularly differential gearbox, has drive side drive pulley and drive part which is connected with driven axle in torque proof manner, where drive part has form of drive pulley running outward from driven axle.

Schlauchtrommel, welche einen Trommelmantel Hose reel comprising a drum shell 1 1 mit beidendseitigen Bordscheiben With flanged wheels beidendseitigen 2 2. Powered hand tool with workplace-illuminating device capable of being switched off.

Screwdriver with at least one compressed-air channel and at least one air intake channel to an axially displaceable guide sleeve for the screwing spindle.

The limiting factor in this technology was the air tank, which was necessarily metallic before the advent of modern plastics. The above and other objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the following brief description of the drawings and the detailed description of the invention.

Der Mitnehmer the driver 8 8th ist druckluftlos und sein Zapfen is druckluftlos and its pin 15 15 durch die Federkraft in ein Loch by the spring force into a hole 12 12 der Lochscheibe the perforated disc 7 7 eingefahren, so dass er mit der Lochscheibe retracted so that it with the washer 7 7 fest verbunden ist.


The invention relates to a liquid zeochnung, in particular for small parts cleaner, is in which cleaning liquid is pumped from a tank by a brush. In the drehrichtungsumsteuerbaren gear motor 26 to the outlet plenum 13 closes in accordance with Fig.

The engine includes a cylinder, a piston and an intake valve. Der Mitnehmer the driver 8 8th ist druckluftbeaufschlagt und mit seinem Zapfen is druckluftbeaufschlagt and with its pin 15 15 aus der Lochscheibe from the perforated disc drucklutfmotor 7 herausgefahren.

Example from a light metal, and is formed by material locking, or other compound such. This object is the character described with a screwdriver in the input connection of the partial features of the preamble of claim 1.

Fixed-body toy vehicle having differential thrust and unassisted liftoff capability.

Liquid pump according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the magnetic coupling is formed of a connected to the shaft coupling part which by a cylindrical permanent magnet 13and from a connected with the prime mover coupling part 23the bell-shaped and contains an annular permanent magnet 14and that between the coupling parts 13, 23 is provided a cup-shaped design closing part that closes the interior of the pump.

In contrast, the present system uses a one-way check valve which selectively co-operates with the piston to control the air flow through the intake port of the system.

Es ist eine weitere Aufgabe, einen Druckluftmotor des oben genannten Typs zu schaffen, welcher unter Verwendung von leichtgewichtigen, nicht gegossenen Kunststoffbauteilen hergestellt werden kann. To first address the above reference to Akiyama, this differs from that of the present invention in a number of material points of view, the differences in the respective intake and discharge mechanisms and in the relationship of the engine piston tung to the Lufteinlasseinrich into the interior of the engine differs lock in.

When reeling the sprocket and the chain and thus the entire drive is lubricated at the same time, whereby additional maintenance units omitted.