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The LSD-group is thus more potent that the mescalin-group in enhancing the number of excitatory synapses in the brain. It is found in plants, animals, and in the human organism brain.

Ovo je diskusija na temu Izvantjelesna iskustva – ajahuaska u podforumu Duhovnost Citat: Let us now explain for the first time in the history of bio-science the true pharmacological basis of psychedelic drugs, based on this novel classification.

The drug is stored as acid salts powder. U potpunosti je snimljen iz zraka!

Its healing properties are well known and highly appreciated molfkula the indigenous population in South and Central America. DMT is part of natural cell metabolism and is originally derived from the essential amino acid tryptophan, which plays a central role in the biological regulation of the cell djhovna volume III. As already mentioned, DMT is produced only in negligible quantities in the brain, because it can very easily open huge portals to the 5th dmr, where the higher self of the incarnated entity has an unlimited access to the multidimensionality of All-That-Is.

In he discovered the Universal Law in bio-science and later on in physics and developed the General Theory of Science of the Universal Law that is planned to unfold fully after mass Ascension of humanity in the 5th dimension. Tri centralne teme ovog rada su: Hvala Vam dragi ljudi na svim informacijamana istini! N-Dimethyltryptamine DMT is a natural occurring psychedelic compound of the tryptamine- group. Click below to consent to the use of the cookie technology provided by vi video intelligence AG to personalize content and advertising.

The standard dose varies between 15 — 60 mg. In the presence of depolarising psychedelic drugs of the mescalin-group, this pre-synaptic neuron can be now activated, although it is still inhibited by another axon, so that the sum-effect is an excess in excitatory synapses in the brain. The last two drugs are of biological origin molekkula psilocin of plant origin and DMT of plant and human origin, although the latter drug can also be synthetically produced.


Let us not forget that the psychedelic drug DMT, which I strongly recommend in this case, can be very cheaply produced duuovna made duyovna to the whole humanity.

This decision has absolutely no foundation in any scientific evidence so far, even when we consider the data of present-day failed pharmacology and medicine.

Mole,ula je snimila francuska novinarka Marie Monique Robin. They enhance an overall depolarisation on all neuronal synapses, irrespectively of the final outcome. Really appreciate your support! Ali prekasno je za pesimizam. I have calculated in the late 90s that the implementation of this model in the pharmaceutical industry would have saved up to billion dollars futile investments in the development of new drugs worldwide.

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For more info please access vi’s website. DMT is generally inhaled smoked in a few successive breaths. However, Nature knows very well the cell-inhibiting effect of such compounds and it produces them in the organism only in tiny quantities, and uses them only for selective, timely restricted actions.

Dmt duhovna molekula pdf download Date: The same holds true for antibiotics. The LSD-group consists of cell-inhibiting drugs. In the 50s, numerous publications on the effects of LSD appeared in prominent scientific journals. The higher the number of excitatory synapses in the brain, the more open its software — the middle self — is to the simultaneous, multidimensional, holistic perception of the higher self, respectively, of the soul.

Their healing effects were highly appreciated. Dmt the spirit molecule book pdf download Best pdf dmt the spirit molecule a doctor s revolutionary research into the biology. This additional explanation was meant to demonstrate how intertwined all medical and pharmacological problems are, and how incompetently they are solved by my colleagues, the medical doctors, and the pharmacologists.

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The psychedelic drugs are the ideal means to provide these people with valuable information about their soul contracts and to establish a vivid astral-energetic bond with the higher self. The ego loses its grip on the personality, and the transcendence of human consciousness can begin. This is the case with DMT, which is produced in the brain predominantly in the vicinity of the pineal gland and the hypophysis. Recent Posts Marc korn call me Ovi browser for nokia mobile Under the skin film Farid mammadov hold me remix by dj alex mathew Resolution changer for android Categories Finance.

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The pharmaceutical industry will collapse this year and will not exist anymore in the 5th dimension, where all humans will have crystalline bodies, which will be free of dis-ease and will be practically immortal. Their beneficial effect on bacterial infections is only within the first three days of acute therapy, when they can eliminate the majority of pathogenic germs in the organism.

Therefore, I will finally present some basic information on this drug, which the reader may expand by checking other encyclopedic sources. Therefore, it is correct to say that the new scientific theory of the Universal Law is at the same time the Science of Ascension. Its freebase form is better for inhalation because it has a lower boiling point. Adobe illustrator cs6 user guide pdf free. The biosynthesis of DMT is fairly simple. As most synapses in the brain are inhibitory, their inhibitory effect may be augmented.

Imamo svega deset godina da promijenimo trend. It has no other purpose, but to hinder the broad human population to gain transcendental multidimensional experience. Many scientists, students, writers, and artists experimented extensively with LSD in order to explore the creative boundaries of human consciousness. This is also the reason why this drug cannot be detected by neuro-biologists with their crude experimental methods in vivo, so that its existence in the brain is strongly questioned at present.

According to the dipole model, psilocin and DMT have a very similar dipole moment and must therefore exhibit similar psychedelic effects.