Request PDF on ResearchGate | Uso del cariograma en la determinación de niveles de riesgo de caries dental en escolares de una población. Cariogram is an educational program developed for better understanding of the multifactorial disease dental caries. It illustrates the “caries risk” and possible. Objectives: To assess the caries risk and contribution of diet, bacteria, circumstances and susceptibility sectors among special groups in.

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The test measures the degree to which the local environmental challenge favours probability of occurrence of carious lesions. Sponges,shredded ends of sticks,index finger covered with cloth,salt were used.

Established caries was defined as a lesion with cavitation, loss of enamel continuity and softness at the base.

Cariograma dental pdf books

Furthermore, it would be appreciable to conduct longitudinal studies in the future drntal check the caries increment and the effectiveness of risk based prevention program such as oral health promotion programmes for special groups. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

Download ppt “Cariograma Bajar de internet: Stepwise multiple linear regression analysis with caries risk as dependent variable.

Mean percentage of individual sector in cariogram contributing to caries risk among visually impaired group.

For each participant, the Cariogram parameters were given a score according to the pre-determined scales for each factor. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Registration Forgot carioframa password? Convenience of the cost to the patient.

Dental Health in Veterinary Medicine What do cariohrama use their teeth for? Light blue sector reduced indicating that susceptibility to disease has been reduced,by proper use of Fl. Prevalence of dental caries in handicapped children of Calcutta.


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Swe Dent J ; Find articles by Kailash Asawa. Should show max correlation with clinical status. Colorimetric method using Indikrom pH paper was used to estimate the buffer capacity of saliva. Groups with same superscripted letter showed statistically non significant difference.

Braz J Oral Sci. Constantgroup, DMFT, streptococci count d. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. Cariogram is a way to illustrate interactions between caries related factors. Int Dent J ; The purpose of Wikipedia is to present facts, not to train. Dental caries is a disease with a multifactorial aetiology, as it is due to the interaction of various factors: Various caries risk prediction models have been developed in recent years.

The plaque may be seen in situ only after application of disclosing solution or by using the probe on the tooth surface. The study subjects in the mentally challenged, visually impaired and normal groups were selected using the random sampling procedure.

In the present study, normal individuals had significantly lower mutans streptococci and lactobacilli counts. Since the participants of mentally challenged group had lower Intelligent Quotient IQ than normal, understanding the instructions and performing the procedure of collecting stimulated saliva was difficult.

Mean percentage of individual sector in cariogram contributing to caries risk among normal group. To determine the rate of progression in cariogrsma patient who already has some caries experience. Dental caries affects individuals differently, which makes it essential to identify high-risk patients so that preventive strategies can be undertaken. In this study, highest contributor was susceptibility sector followed by bacteria, circumstances and diet.


Constantgroup, DMFT, streptococci count, plaque amount, lactobacilli count denal. Discussion Dental caries affects individuals differently, which makes it essential to identify high-risk patients so that preventive strategies can be undertaken.

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Pilot Survey A pilot study was conducted on 10 subjects from each group to determine dengal feasibility of the study, the time required for examination of each subject, to get acquainted cwriograma the laboratory procedure of salivary analysis and for sample size calculation.

Individualizes, selects, and determines frequency of preventive and restorative treatment for a patient. Models such as this may be useful as screening methods for large population groups; they should be applied in broader population samples to verify that the risks they indicate agree with the Cariogram results.