A Review of “Baal” [by Robert McCammon]. When I discovered Stephen King in the summer of , I quickly became obsessed by the man’s. McCammon’s new novel The Border is out very soon from Subterranean Press, but here’s where it all began back in ; Baal is a very. Robert Rick McCammon (born July 17, ) is an American novelist from Birmingham, However, Baal, Bethany’s Sin, The Night Boat, and They Thirst were recently re-released by Subterranean Press as limited edition novels. In a

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I’ll review it as a McCammon fan, which I used to be and am aiming to become again. It was almost as if I knew I’d be returning to them someday. Back in the Eighties, I was mmccammon big fan of horror writer Robert R.

Haal second act moves the events to Kuwait, where people are going bananas over a mysterious religious leader. Want to Read saving…. One glance at the comments on the Boy’s Life Amazon page tells me I am not alone in my consideration of this book as one of my all-time favorites.

Baal is Damien from the Omen to the tenth power. I just can’t get enough of this author. Gnome Press Conan titles 8 months ago. Whist more serious and mature in tone than another one of his early works, Bethanys sin, BAAL never quite knows what it wants to be. Retrieved from ” https: But it’s more gross and sickening than awe-inspiring; McCammon fails to exploit mcvammon numinous potential of this tale with his emphasis on viscera and profanity.

Michael’s secret should have been offered much sooner, because it was poorly hidden and would have enriched the storyline.

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Robert R. McCammon’s BAAL

Time of the Heathen 2 weeks ago. I love Robert McCammon’s work!

Andy Williamson June 7, at 2: Zark, the shaman; Virga, the aging professor of theology; and Michael, the powerful, mysterious stranger. The background of Baal and how he came to be is as accurate in both the psychological and the social spectrum.

I never read any of his ‘Speaks the Nightbird’ books but, according to the Amazon reviews, they certainly do have their rabid fans. My job was ferrying advertising rogert between the local newspaper and the various department heads: Baal is a sloppy novel, one that — arguably — doesn’t introduce its main character until nearly a third of the way into the narrative.

Robert McCammon » Robert R. McCammon’s BAAL

You are rboert using your Facebook account. When Baal was still in his crib he drove his mother to murder. I need to remedy that. Obviously, McCammon himself has no great love for the novel.

McCammon: Baal Cover Gallery

It is truly a work of art. From Cory’s bizarrely charming encounters with The Lady and crazy or is he? The character of Baal—with his unleashed wild power and his ability to do just about anything he pleases—is certainly part of what I was feeling at that time in my life. He’s WAY better than that, and I think almost anyone who actually reads his work knows it, like we do. The book is a mess, with three parts that are completely different in tone and dont quite match up. The first was, Baal was centre stage for the first third, then essentially disappears until the very end.

An unassuming hero with his own brands of flaws. The thing I appreciate most is that McCammon stuck to the viewpoints of a select few, staying with them a good length in between, not head-hopping too much, something that drives me bonkers with these types. Dec 20, Benjamin Thomas rated it liked it Shelves: Forgotten Bookshorror fictionRobert R.

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I was an electric plug and I couldn’t seem to find the right socket, until I began writing. Ultimately, though, I decided to just go ahead and do it.

Granted it’s brilliantly written, but it’s a rehash and remixing of all of the other antichrist movies and books. There are moments in this book where the writer McCammon would become shine through. I was successfully dragged into a character drama concerning a couple trying to cope with a pregnancy after the wife is raped and brutalized.

Baal by Robert R. McCammon

There’s an infectious energy to the novel; it’s bursting at the seams, the short length barely able to contain all the ideas. As he grows older, he adopts the name Baal and starts messing with the nuns and the priests, and turns his fellow orphans into disciples.

Wanting to read all of McCammons works in the next couple of years means that i have the pleasure of reading his very early novels. Anonymous June 8, at 5: But I never got rid of a single one of my Robert McCammon books. Pages Home E-Book Catalog. Everything in between kind of falls flat.