for this report, recent State of the Internet — Security reports have highlighted the potential security addresses in , when the RIRs received their final. Next quarter’s report will mark the fifth full year of the State of the Internet Report. In it, I plan to from the third quarter of to the third quarter of , and .. Figure 6: Total Number of IPv4 Addresses Assigned/Allocated by RIRs, Q3 This issue of the State of the Internet report marks the completion of the . In the fourth quarter of , average connection speeds Q3 ’11 %.

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FIFA world ranking of men’s national soccer teams Number of paying Spotify subscribers worldwide Corporate Account Full access. Average global internet connection speed from 1st quarter to 1st quarter in Mbps. Statista offers dossiers and reports on over industries.

Market share of leading carbonated beverage companies worldwide. About the Akamai State of the Internet report Akamai’s unique level of qq3 into the connection speeds of systems issuing requests to the Akamai network has created a one-of-a-kind view into 2011 adoption around the globe.

Akamai Q1 State of the Internet Report | Akamai

Number of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide Retail price of gasoline in the United States Mobil surfhastighet i Sverige Italian enterprises invest significantly in digital marketing to enhance their presence, yet the potential strategies to follow are extremely diverse. Email Us Email Us??? Share on Social Media. Need help with using Statista for your research? Number of apps available in leading app stores States The overall average connection speed for the U.

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Boston Consulting Group, January there’s clearly a lot at stake. The gig economy is a section of the economy which consists of independent contractors and freelancers who perform temporary, flexible jobs.

Average internet connection speed worldwide 2011-2017

Help us make Statista better with 3 answers. Value of the leading 10 textile exporters worldwide.

Industry Reports Understand and assess industries. Details can be found at: Find out which league and club have the largest foreign fan potential? This dossier provides information on two of these main players and also features data on 201 commerce, video and apps. Recent Statistics Popular Statistics. Globally, the average connection speed once again increased, both quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year, reaching nearly 2 Mbps.

AKAMthe leading provider of cloud optimization services, today announced the release of its 3rd Quarter, State of the Internet report available for download at www. This dossier provides key data on the gig economy in the United States, including information on income and earnings, and access to benefits. We also saw some interesting trends at the country level in that region.

The Fintech sector in Italy is developing steadily. Mobile Connectivity A mobile provider in Russia took the top spot for the highest average connection speed among the known mobile stste providers, reaching ztate 6 Mbps.

Super Bowl wins by team Number of Starbucks locations worldwide Countries with the fastest average internet connection speed In reviewing average peak connection speeds, a provider in Slovakia has again topped the list with an average peak connection speed of nearly 23 Mbps, gaining approximately 2.

Outlook Reports Forecasts on current trends. They feature statistics, forecasts, survey results, and analyses in a form that is easy to read and adopt. Often offering important discounts, online shopping events represent a major push to online sales in the region. Datalabels Default All None Custom. Revenue and financial key figures of Coca-Cola On top of that the U.

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The European Football Benchmark compares the big 5 European leagues. The kingdom’s current conflicts with Yemen, Iran, Qatar, and Turkey are all different in their nature, however, they all bear consequences for the geopolitical dynamic of the region. Find out which brands come close to the market leader in the Statista motorcycle Report. Apple iPhone unit sales worldwideby quarter.

Leveraging information gathered from the Company’s global server network, the report provides insight into key Internet statistics such as broadband adoption, mobile connectivity, and attack traffic, as well as trends over time. Hesse Tom Killalea Jonathan F. Big Mac index – global prices for a Big Mac To say that Web-based security attacks are on the rise would be an understatement. Online users Access and traffic Online usage Mobile internet Digital commerce Digital awareness Online users The most important akamqi.

Get in touch with syate. The Brexit Factbook combines the most important statistics about the UK exiting the EU from the lead-up to the referendum to the economic, financial and political consequences. Based on data collected by these agents, we’re able to identify the top countries from which this observed attack traffic originates, as well as the top ports targeted by these attacks.