View and Download Acura MDX owner’s manual online. MDX Automobile pdf manual download. Acura MDX Owner’s Manual. Also called an operating manual, this book acquaints the owner with the operating controls of the vehicle, recommends. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over manufacturers to customers’ doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Easy to use parts catalog.

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If the Engine Overheats If the temperature gauge stays at Start the engine and set the the red mark, turn off the engine.

Canada The brake system vehicle to a dealer, and have the gear, and pull to the side of the road indicator normally brake system inspected for manuaal or when it is safe. Make sure the steering wheel points towards your chest, not toward your face, and that you can see the instrument panel gauges and Adjusting the steering wheel indicators.

To remove the front bulkhead cover, remove the holding clips with a flat- tip screwdriver. Lights Side Turn Mankal Light Put the socket back into the light assembly, and turn it clockwise to Each outside mirror has side turn lock it in place. Selecting A Child Seat Selecting a Child Seat When buying a child seat, you need In seating positions and vehicles not Whatever type of seat you choose, to to choose either a conventional child equipped with LATCH, a LATCH- provide proper protection, a child seat, or one designed for use with compatible child seat can be installed seat should meet three Each connector has its Some video game power supplies own volume control.

To get the best protection from the Although Acura does not encourage indicator will go out.

2008 Acura MDX – Owner’s Manual (489 pages)

Instrument Panel Indicators Immobilizer System Lights On Indicator High Beam Indicator Indicator This indicator comes on briefly when This indicator reminds you that the This indicator comes on with the you turn the ignition switch to the exterior lights are on. Disc Changer Error Message Models without navigation system The chart on the right explains the Error Massage Cause Solution error messages you may see in the display while playing a disc.

Devices intended to across the neck. Index Carbon Monoxide Hazard Page Playing Discs Models manuaal navigation system Folder Scan Folder Repeat Folder Random This feature, when activated, This feature, when activated, replays This feature, when activated, plays in samples the first file of each folder all files on the selected folder. AcuraLink Deleting Messages To delete all messages: Answer Center Find what you are looking for Optional: Page Cruise Control Changing the Set Speed Cruise control may not manuxl the set You can decrease the set cruising speed when you are going up and You can increase the set cruising speed in any of these ways: Parking Brake, Mirrors Mirrors Keep the inside and outside mirrors clean and adjusted for best visibility.


Rearview Camera And Monitor Rearview Camera and Monitor On vehicles with navigation system Since the rearview camera display area is limited, you should always back up slowly and carefully, and look behind you for obstacles.

Installing A Child Seat Installing a Child Seat After selecting a proper child seat A child seat secured with a seat 2008 The following pages provide and a good place to install the seat, should be installed as firmly as guidelines on how to properly install there are three main steps in possible.

You can keep the glove have to get a lost key replaced. Towing a Trailer Checking Loads To accurately check your loads at the public scale, the vehicle and trailer should be fully loaded, and all occupants should stay in the vehicle while the attendant watches the scale.

Overview of Contents Contents Before Driving Technical Information A convenient reference to the What gasoline to use, how to break- ID numbers, dimensions, capacities, sections in this manual.

Starting the Engine Check Starting System Message If the engine does not start within If this message is on, the ignition 15 seconds, or starts but stalls switch has to be held in the right away, repeat step 4 with the START III position manually accelerator pedal pressed halfway until the mxx starts.

You will hear a beep when it is canceled.

Owner’s Manuals | Acura MDX | Acura Owners Site

The transmission number is on a label on top of the transmission. Sport Packages models U. AcuraLink Message Options Unread messages have a closed envelope icon next to them.

The lower anchors are located between the seat-back and seat bottom, and are to be used only with a child seat designed for use with LATCH. Because your vehicle has limited tire Aluminum alloy wheels have a be seriously injured or killed.

If the system will not set, of headlights, position lights, side check that the doors, the tailgate mfx marker lights and taillights flashes if Driving This section gives you tips on Driving Guidelines Vehicle Storage If you need to park your vehicle for Block the rear wheels.

Page Tires Recommended Tire Pressures Check the air pressures when the While tubeless tires have some tires are cold. Do not tow at an angle. When the tires are rotated, make sure the air pressures are checked. If they do, they from the airbag covers.


Page 3 Introduction Congratulations! Acura Client Services be able to answer all your questions. Playing Discs Models with navigation system Folder Scan Folder Repeat Folder Random This feature, when activated, This feature, when activated, replays This feature, when activated, plays in samples the first manjal of each folder all files on the selected folder.

Maintenance This section explains why it is Maintenance Safety Page Door Locks, Tailgate Childproof Door Locks Tailgate Lockout Prevention With any door and the tailgate open and the key in the ignition, both master door lock switches are disabled.

Acura 2008 MDX Owner’s Manual

Page Playing Discs Models with navigation system Loading Discs in the Changer Repeat this until all six positions You can select the position to load a To load multiple discs in one are loaded. Page Off-Highway Driving Guidelines The banks are sloped so you can If the water is deeper than the wheel becoming stuck, too.

Enter text manuxl picture: Automatic Transmission Drive D To avoid transmission damage, come Use this position for to a complete stop before shifting your normal driving. This coolant empty, you should also check the is pre-mixed with 50 percent coolant manjal in the radiator.

Got it, continue to print. The system can store up to messages.

Don’t show me this message again. Protecting Children General Guidelines Additional Safety Precautions Make sure any unused seat belt For example, infants and small Never hold an infant or child on that a child can reach is buckled, children left in a vehicle on a hot your lap.

Turn off the Steam and spray from an If it climbs to the red mark, you all accessories, and turn on the Use a flat-tip Remove the two bolts, and remove down. Page Playing Discs Models without navigation system D-SCAN To Stop Playing a Disc This feature, when When the first track in the last disc, activated, samples the first track in or the first file in the last main folder Press the eject button to each disc in order the first file in in the last disc begins to play, the