The information in the AHEGS comes from the La Trobe’s student information system. If you find any error on the statement, such as a spelling error or missing . ASSIGNMENT DECLARATION FORM. Plagiarism occurs in a situation in which there is a legitimate expectation of original authorship. • in order to obtain. Clarify the criteria for honestly and fairly attributing authorship for research outputs;; Ensure that about authorship; and; Ensure that researchers appropriately affiliate research outputs to La Trobe University. Section 3 – Policy Statement.

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Notify me of new posts via email. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Are your quotes too long? April 1, April 8, You are commenting using your WordPress. In the absence of local guidelines for the attribution of authorship, those criteria outlined above shall apply. To assist the DVC Rauthor s may be required to provide the following information: Check with your tutors about how many references to use in essays. If you were sick, or have had computer issues, or had problems understanding the topic, these sorts of general reasons are usually acceptable.

You still need to turn in assignments and tutors will best advise you on new deadlines etc, but always remember that this is an opportunity should at any time something unthinkable happen. Look closely at the LMS login page. Coordinating authors subject to this policy must record and maintain written documentation of authorship agreements in accordance with these Procedures.

FAQs for Current Students, La Trobe University

Hard Copy — Receipt Required! From now on, with this new term, we shift into a lighter gear, and I will focus on some of the other services and things La Trobe has to offer, that can help you navigate your way through the next few years at Lwtrobe.


Plan ahead, be organised and aim to finish the bigger assignments especially, a week before, that way you have grace time if things do go wrong. Where the contribution does not meet the criteria for authorship, individuals must be properly acknowledged in the resulting research output s.

Quotes should be 1. Figure them out early and you need never encounter an issue when it comes to handing in assignments. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: To save paper I make a title area at the top of my first assignment page.

In terms of the bibliography, the differences between the two are very slight, just punctuation and where the year goes. Pay attention to what your tutors say if you have to use Oxford, and be sure to use the library as latrboe only guide, as other guides off google may steer you wrong and you can lose valuable marks. You only reference page numbers if you are taking a direct quote or idea.

Notify me of new comments via email. Find out from your tutors and put them in before the deadline. My lecturers in first year talked about the red papers — people in my classes who had whole paragraphs of their assignments copied directly from somewhere else.

The coordinating author will:. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Note, I am not that person either. You can provide feedback on this policy to the document author – refer to the Status and Details on the document’s navigation bar.

A quick word about using quotes and how to lay them out: Everything you need to know about assignments, the library, lectures, tutorials, readings, lectopia, logging on to LMS, textbooks, subject guides, is somewhere to be found in my past posts.


Authorship of Research Outputs Policy

Most people only get green dots so if you got anything else and authorshkp have been original as best you can, you are best to seek staff help. Do you have loads and loads of references? So did my roommate cursed house maybe?

Email required Address never made public. I got seriously ill in first year and missed several weeks of uni.

You should ideally upload your essays to Turnitin days before the due date to allow it to get back to you with the receipt displaying how much similarity there is.

If you have to submit a hard copy of your assignment, La Trobe likes you to print out the receipt you receive from Turnitin and staple it to the front of your assignment right after the Statement of Authorship. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Where a student undertaking aurhorship is the subject of the allegation, the Academic Integrity Policy apply.

Reblogged this on First Year La Trobe. References Explained Harvard and Oxford have very subtle differences. This is the current version of this document. I speak of experience here.

The Head s staetment School will attempt to resolve the conflict at the local level. If you do find yourself getting your receipt with a yellow, orange or red dot, ask your statemenr what to do and consider for yourself why it is reading these.