First off, we are talking about the standard bristlenose pleco, Ancistrus sp., that . becomes important to maintain breeding levels of optimum water quality. When preparing to breed bristlenose plecos, you first need to There is a belief among some in the fish keeping hobby, that if you use the full. Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose Catfish. K likes. Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose is a book for those who love bristlenose catfish. In its 67 pages.

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As the fry start to grow, keepig can begin introducing more live foods into their diet, and eventually more and more plant based foods and vegetables. While the Common Pleco can grow in excess of a foot long, the Bristlenose Pleco will generally grow to a maximum length of around 6 inches, making them perfect for home aquariums with at least 30 gallons of water or more.

They must be using breefing connecting pipes to move between the tanks Like Follow Message More.

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Breding never bite off more than you can chew. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. On the flip side though if you do become adept at breeding these rarer species you can make a little extra from the the sale of their offspring.

June 5, at 8: I have recently come across an interesting issue with my new breeding setup. There are other similar species also with varying colour and spot variations. You can successfully house Bristlenose Plecos with most other fish in a community tank. June 8, at 1: Therefore once you do get hooked on the hobby of keeping and breeding the common Bristlenose Catfish, you can then move onto the more exotic and rarer species which do require a brreeding more expertise and of course initial outlay.

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Tanganyika Imports Australia Pet Breeder. Remember though, everything you add to your tank will add to the amount of work you have to do to maintain it.

Bristlenose Pleco Care Guide

In your opinion would it be possible for different Plecos to interbreed i keepign albino bristlenose and L!! The first part of the breeding cycle is to induce spawning. After all the biggest threat to the welfare of your Bristlenoses will be you and your ability to look after them.

The eggs will hatch around 10 days later.

September 21, at 2: So in the end I decided to save myself the hassle and just make the purchase. However, the fry can also be fed a variety of foods including Infusoria and powdered spirulina. I hope you enjoy it.

Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose Catfish

Normally some of these eBooks are just thrown together by someone just trying to make briistlenose fast buck, but not in this instance.

June 10, at 7: Bristlenose Catfish will even clean your Mystery Snails. Also known as the Bushy nose Pleco, these easy to care for tropical freshwater fish are perfect for beginner aquarists, and advanced aquarists alike. Another tip to bristldnose in mind, if you are ever going to consider breeding breediny Bristlenose Pleco, is that you can encourage the breeding cycle by offering them live, and frozen foods such as daphnia, bloodworms and blackworms.

The Bristlenose will keep your aquarium free from algae but it will also produce waste so filtration is vitally important not only to maintain water quality but to aerate the water as well. Sometimes I think they just do this to spite us.

The Ultimate Bristlenose Pleco Care Guide | Fish Keeping Advice

Anyway to cut a long story short I came across Douglas Greens eBook and just went ahead and bought it. This tells us two things. Remember the hiding place that we mentioned earlier? He was looking at getting the really white albino line going one which is rare and terribly tricky to raise to maturity while I was wondering about a jet black like a pepermint Bristlenose Plecos are an incredibly hardy fish, so the temperature and pH range is a bit broader than you would expect for a more fragile fish.


The breeding section was quite extensive and covered everything from selecting and conditioning Bristlenose, to triggering a spawn, egg and fry care and even how to go about selling your fry. Identifying the sex of your Bristlenose Pleco is pretty straight forward. My philosophy is to first ensure your fish have everything they need to be happy and healthy but if your fish tank gets to the stage where it requires too much of your time and resources then human nature usually dictates that your tank and fish will be neglected.

Just a shame it is in my main display tank So, all in all, I felt it was a really good read.

This is where your Plecos will generally breed, so make sure there is plenty of space for them to do their thing. D Just a shame it is in my main display tank You can fit out your Bristlenose Catfish tank with either live or imitation plants, gravel, rocks or stones and other tank decorations or if you like you can just add the basics.

May 16, at bristlenosee The thing that really attracted me the most was the author was quite experienced and his credentials stacked up. As long as your tank is in good condition, clean and the fish have plenty of hiding places, you should have no problems at all. Douglas is a long time Bristlenose breeder and a moderator on BristlenoseWorld.