El Zahir también es una joya aleph-jorge-luis-borges/. hace 3 meses. ogether with “El Aleph”, “El Zahir” stands out as one of the most suggestive Borges, Jorge Luis Borges and Luisa Mercedes Levinson. La hermana de Eloísa.

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Open Preview See a Problem? This time I tried in Spanish very bad idea- too difficult for my level and then came back to the Romanian translation. I also recall the remarkable uneasiness I felt when I read this paragraph: E an impulse, I got off zauir Urquiza; I walked toward the west and south; I turned left and right, with studied randomness, at several corners, and on a street that looked to me like all the others I went into the first tavern I came to, ordered a gin, and paid with the Zahir.

The Aleph and Other Stories by Jorge Luis Borges

The writer is unable to forget the coin, which he gradually becomes more obsessed with. A foreigner she has always had her doubts about dared to take advantage of her good will by selling her a number of cylindrical chapeaux.

View all 17 comments. He said that there is always a Zaheer and in the Age of Ignorance it was the idol called Yahuk, and then a prophet from Khorsasan who wore a veil studded with precious. Borges admitted to trying to write in the Arabic tradition during a seminar in the ‘s.

The name of the place is Gnitaheidr. However, the author visits Daneri, who tells him a specific place under the basement staircase where the Aleph is safely located. La scrittura del dio Sono molteplici le classificazioni attribuite dalla critica a questo autore: On the 16th of July the narrator bought 1 sterling pound, and studied it under the magnifying glass.

These stories are profound, but they are written in such an entertaining traditional narrative style that they might o This is a masterful collection by a writer of genius. After reading Borges, I can assure you, memory and identity have become ongoing themes for me also.

The house is demolished inexorably. Is the erasure of our memory the first step in achieving immortality? The Two Kings and the Two Labyrinths. After the death of his beloved friend Beatriz Viterbo, Borges does not miss the appointment to visit his house, located on Garay Street; every April 30, her birthday.


Thus I was somewhat disappointed as I read—no doubt unfairly, since his literary talent is impossible to deny. I saw myself, never visiting my aunt and never finding her Kabbalah study texts and never getting interested in such theories, and ergo, in Borges neither.

The narrator is an ascetic who has renounced all commerce with mankind and lives on a moor. May 22, BlackOxford rated it it was amazing Shelves: I liked the ideas such as for the Immortals but the author continually put references of different names, places, dates, literary and historical citations that in my opinion made the story unpleasant to read.

It’s a world of serious philosophical thoughts and of detective plots. I turned the corner; the dark facade at the far end of the street showed me that the establishment had closed. Quotes from The Aleph and Oth Because of the simplicity and innocence of his life, he is judged by some to be an angel; that is a charitable sort of exaggeration, because no one is free of sin. No puedo decir que disfrute su lectura plenamente.

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Sep 10, Florencia rated it it was amazing Shelves: It has the letters N and T scratched on it. It is always refreshing and comforting to read the thoughts of a man who has learned much about life and is willing to share that knowledge.

I love your ideas, but not your executions. Beatriz’s first cousin, Carlos Argentino Daneri, welcomes Borges on that date and does not miss the opportunity to show his skillful prolific writer skills, exposing Borges tireless writings saturated with detailed descriptions of various places around the world. There is a little something here for anybody who cherishes literature – a dearly departed lover named Beatriz, a madman and poet named Carlos Argentino Daneri, who tells the first person narrator, a man by the name of Borges, about seeing the Aleph, and, of course, the Aleph.

I must admit, however, that some of the stories didn’t awe me that much.

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This article does not cite any sources. As to failure or fame, they are quite irrelevant and I never bother about them. Still, apart from the Aleph and another couple of stories, I found that the most interesting writing of this volume is Borges’s autobiography.

Oh no, there’s been an error

The thought struck me that there is no coin that is not the symbol of all the coins that shine endlessly down throughout history and fable.

Protecting this treasure from mad human greed is the mission to which the he has devoted his life; day and night he stands guard over it. This is the 2nd time I try to read these stories. In fact, it was our son who first drew this photograph to my attention.

There are nearly fifty stories and brief tales collected here from three Borges books: The appearance of Sigurd abruptly ends the story.

The Aleph and Other Stories

Let’s just say life is always bigger than human-made notions of life. I left her lying stiff among the flowers perfecting her contempt for death. How eb it is not to think of a tiger, I recall thinking.

Whatever is not the Zahir appears to me filtered and distant: With Borges, I have the constant sensation that the writing is superlative and the style very much to my taste; yet somehow I often manage to be uninspired. I temi principali che spesso vengono affrontati in questa raccolta sono il destino e l’infinito con una particolare attenzione rivolta ai labirinti. Nel quale viene narrata la triste storia del barbaro Droctulft che mentre assedia Ravenna, decide di abbandonare i suoi e si unisce ai nemici dopo essere rimasto attonito davanti alla grandezza dei monumenti, pur non riuscendo a comprendere il significato delle iscrizioni.

The one the traveller befriends, and names Argos after the dog in the Odyssey, turns out to be Homer himself.