Get this from a library! Investigar en comunicación: guía práctica de métodos y técnicas de investigación social en comunicación. [María Rosa Berganza Conde; . Jan ; Investigar en comunicación: guía práctica de métodos y técnicas de investigación social en comunicación. [object Object]. Rosa Berganza. 5 results for Books: “Maria Rosa Berganza Conde” 1 Dec by María Rosa Berganza Conde and Pilar Giménez Armentia Investigar en comunicación.

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El rigor en bergabza prensa: Western journalists are generally less supportive of any active promotion of particular values, ideas and social change, and they adhere more to universal principles in their ethical decisions. The concept of negativity in political news has not reached the status of a homogenous, overarching theoretical concept.

Digital media journalists vs. Previous studies link higher degree of negativity in the news to cynicism and indifference of citizens towards politics and politicians theory of Spiral of Cynicism. This holds true for research on election campaigns in general and on European Parliamentary election campaigns in particular.

Comparative Evidence from 21 countries more. La campagna in Spagna: Location Madrid, Madrid, Spain. International empirical research on the perception that journalists have of their professional roles and func-tions has increased considerably in recent years, although not in the case of Spain. Politics of the Body.

The results show that detachment, non-involvement, providing political information and monitoring the government are considered essential journalistic functions around the globe. Analysis reveals a dimensional structure of six distinct domains—political, economic, organizational, professional, and However, the global economic downturn, as well as the recession in the country, contributes to the present deteriorating work circumstances of Spanish journalists.

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Mujer publicada, mujer maltratada. Journal of Political ….

Journalism culture and power distance, however, seem to have relatively little weight in the calculus of journalists’ institutional comunicadin.

This is particularly true with respect to European Parliamentary election campaigns, as these are often less salient and as people’s need for orientation is greater than in national elections.

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Porto Alegre, Editora Sulina, Editors: Findings suggest that there are both important similarities and differences across countries with respect to the use of news sources and that there are cases when the use of news sources is related to the framing of politics and the EU. Political Trust among Journalists: For political actors, this relationship is particularly important during election campaigns, when their need to reach voters through the media is even more urgent than usual. Negativity in political news: Hampshire, Palgrave MacMillan, Editors: InfluenceTelevisionConfianzaand Periodistas.

However, the evidence that we have been able to collect from published research, survey data, media accounts, and interviews with political actors allows us to present what we hope is a useful review of the state of political populism scholarship regarding Spain.

MarketingPolitical Scienceand Political Marketing.

Rosa Berganza – Google Scholar Citations

wn Instituto Navarro de la Mujer, Gobierno de Navarra. For political actors, this relationship is particularly important during election campaigns, when Moreover, data shows that private TV journalists perceived economic and group of reference influences to be higher when compared with those from public TV.


Personal influence is extensively documented as a determinant of public opinion and political behavior. A further find-ing of the research is the existence of two large groups of journalists: The trust journalists place in public institutions is a key variable to We synthezised our main conclussions through four discussion groups which took place in Madrid among consumers of gratuitous information of different ages, sex, educational level, and occupation.

Concerning journalists, the majority felt that their professional work is driven by competition with other media and internal pressures, political beganza economic, coming from their own organization. Political Information Opportunities in Europe: Women are also paid lower salaries and tend to hold positions with a higher editorial responsibility in digital media, where the greatest progress towards equality is shown. Usos, influencias y responsabilidades more.

This article deals with the levels of trust that comunicaccin working in eight post-authoritarian and post-totalitarian countries Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Czech En ello ha jugado un papel fundamental el creciente compromiso The scientific community has shown an increasing interest in exploring the practices and routines of journalists in different contexts Hanitzsch et al.

Jan 1, Publication Name: