View and Download Intermec CK30 user manual online. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download. View and Download Intermec CK30 quick start manual online. Oracle-Ready. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download. View and Download Intermec CK30 user manual online. Handheld Computer. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download.

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The hexadecimal scan code for the key appears in both fields. Do not cold boot the CK Make sure you are using one of the supported input devices and that you have selected the intrrmec scanner model using the Configuration Utility.

To find out which model of the CK30 you have, locate the configuration label on the back of the computer.


Appendix C — Reprogrammable Keypad 4 Select the modifier or function keys that you want to press before you activate If a script file exists, the terminal runs the login commands from the auto-login script manuzl before the TE program starts. The following key sequences are based on the SIP keyboards unless otherwise noted.

HEX editor or other special program. This information is included for Trakker Antares users and for those using TE applica- tion versions older than 8.

This chapter consists of the following sections For example, you may want to test the screen if you do not see complete characters on the screen. Contents Set Parameters H Page 55 mil code Page 55 mil code From mnaual menu you can provide the Intermec system engineer with vital information manyal your unit.

Intermec CK30 Programmer’s Manual

The Run dialog box appears. To combine entries, copy all the keys into Page 76 0x for a total of 66 characters. S For the Computer: Make a selection, then press [Enter] to return to the 3 Protocol Opts menu. Use this table to understand the macro icons that appear in the status bar. Closing an Application You can use the Task Manager to close an application at any time. Page 99 Chapter 5 — Running DiagnosticsYou can use this information to tell the Intermec representativeinformation on the hardware and software that were installed atthe Intermec factory.


Page 79 During every boot, the system scans for AutoRun.

When this button is pressed, the following menu would appear. The Sound Test can also help you choose a beeper volume and frequency that you can hear in your working environment. CFG file, add this command: Page 5 Contents4Managing the CK SYS file after any other statement that creates a dk30 letter: This diagnostic works with both Microsoft and Funk security choices.

For Trakker Antares terminals, volume and frequency are ignored. There are several manua, to configure the CK Chapter 4 — Managing the CK30 The file is deleted and you remain in the selected folder.

Intermec CK30 User Manual

IP address of the host to which you want to connect. Upgrading Your Ck30 Downloads. Index Hardware Diagnostics menu, 82 E EasySet, using to print configuration bar hidden characters, typing, holster and belt, Don’t have an account?

DAT, or other such files, in the directory where the TE executable is stored. Chapter Customizing Your Configuration Using the Auto-Login Feature Use the auto-login feature to send the same login information each time you login to the host.

To get the utility, contact your Systems Engineer. Make sure the CK30 has completely loaded all of the upgrade files before you remove the SD card.

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To Enter To engage alpha lock mode, press [Blue], [Gold].

Contents Contents Before You Begin Index operating the CK30 programming humidity range, guide, TE Terminal Emulation, 4 temperature range, keys, Page 5 Make sure you fully charge the battery before you use your CK IndexEEasySet, using to print configuration barcodes, 34electrical specifications, environmental specifications, Ethernetcommunications, configuring, 44icons, defined, 15network diagram, 45exitingConfiguration Utility, 33System Main Menu, nitermec default settings, restoring, 33features, CK30, 3File Manageropening, 71usingcopy a file, 73delete a file, 72run an application, 71view file properties, 73filesbacking up, 78copying with File Manager, 73deleting with File Manager.

Or, incorrect setting for speed, number of data bits, or number of stop bits. Page 47 Chapter 2 — Configuring the CK30When you scan bar code configuration commands, the CK30emits a series of beeps unless the volume is turned off. Security Information Security Information Use the Security Information diagnostic to troubleshoot security authentication. Page 34 Chapter 1 — Using the CK30 Handheld Computer The mouse pointer can simulate single-clicks, double-clicks, right mouse button, middle mouse button, and left mouse button functions.

Tryscanning the bar code label again. If you nitermec the CK30 in for service, it is your responsibility to save the computer data and configuration.

The holster and belt provide an easy way for you to carry the CK30 while not using it.