Hewlett Packard Proliant DL G7 Server Quickspecs. 9. Optional 2 SFF Drive bay, 2 NVMe shown. QuickSpecs. HPE ProLiant DL Gen10 Server. Overview. DA – Worldwide QuickSpecs. HPE ProLiant DL Gen10 Server. Maintenance Hewlett Packard Enterprise assumes you are qualified in the servicing of computer Product QuickSpecs.

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Modular Smart Array Always use blanking panels to fill all remaining empty front panel U-spaces in the rack. It is mandatory to use a shock pallet when qquickspecs racks with equipment installed. Factory Express Portfolio for Servers and Storage. Prior to making a power supply selection it is highly recommended that the HP Power Advisor is run to determine the right size power supply for your server configuration.

The server provides notification if the level of correctable errors exceeds a pre-defined threshold rate. The packages include HP Insight Remote Support that uses proven qickspecs to deliver secure, reliable 24×7 remote monitoring, diagnoses, and problem resolution.

HP Proliant DL G1 Quickspecs

For W Power Supply: Install all memory modules of the same speed on the same processor for best performance. Choose Required Options only one of the following from each list unless otherwise Step 2: Hardware Services On-site Service. Processor option kits include 2 additional fans when upgrading to 2 processors.

If a third-party rack is used, observe the following additional requirements to ensure adequate airflow and to prevent damage to the equipment: Any additional options purchased will be shipped separately. This capability maintains server availability and memory reliability without service intervention or server interruption.

The latest software, drivers, and firmware fully optimized and tested for your ProLiant server and options available in SmartStart or downloadable from Software and Drivers download pages http: Additional information regarding worldwide limited warranty and technical support is available at: To review typical system power ratings use the HP Power Advisor which is available online located at url: Total Care – Highest HP Support service level recommend to help increase IT performance and availability with comprehensive, integrated hardware and software services.


For detailed specification information on ProLiant Smart Buys please click on the following link: HP Services, an sl385 leader in provision of multi vender support solutions provides a range of support services designed to quicksepcs the varying needs of business.

It is mandatory to use a shock pallet when shipping racks with equipment installed. Processor 1 memory bank 1 must always be populated. Processor One of the following depending on Model. For more information on Factory Express services for your specific server model please contact your sales representative or go to http: SD media must be installed in the internal slot of the ProLiant server. RDP requires a license for each server deployed and is available for purchase with HP servers.

Always use blanking panels to fill all remaining empty front panel U-spaces in the rack. The ambidextrous cable management arm can be mounted on either the left or right side quockspecs improved cable management. Front and rear doors: Please see the Modular Smart Array QuickSpecs for additional options and configuration information at http: Microsoft Windows Server Enterprise Edition 32bit and 64bit.

HP ProLiant DL385 Quickspecs

Performance Management Pack – a performance management solution that identifies and explains hardware performance bottlenecks on ProLiant servers and attached options enabling users to better utilize their valuable resources. On CTO models, power supply must be selected from available options.

Cable management arm must be removed to access hot-plug power supplies when the cable management arm is mounted on the right. The virus throttle feature of the solution slows the propagation of fast spreading virus.

HP’s discretion, 24×7 2hr response time incl. HP holidays Deployment Services – HP Installation and Start Up services quuckspecs to take time, risk, and worry out of the deployment of ProLiant servers – and free customers IT support staff to focus on what they do best, their business.


This will allow customers to order the number of media kits that best meet their needs and eliminate receiving unnecessary duplicate media. Server Warranty includes 3 year Parts, 3 year Labor, 3-year on-site support. Pre-Configured Performance models include two power supplies; Pre-Configured Base and Entry models include one power supply. QR memory modules must be installed only in memory sockets 2, 5, 8, and 11, while following the population order for those memory sockets.

Add to my manuals Add. With Online Spare mode, a DIMM with a rank of memory at least as large as the other ranks in the system, or memory board, is designated as the Online Spare rank. It offers a wide range of industry-leading HP products at compelling prices, allowing you to receive richer configurations with additional options. HP does not allow factory integration of options into standard models listed above.

For required cabling information, refer to the Web site at: No direct sunlight allowed. HP services provide continuous care and support expertise with committed response designed to meet your IT and business needs.

HP Proliant DL G7 Quickspecs

Inserting cards with PCI bridges may alter the actual bus assignment number. If choosing this part number, 2.

Memory Installation Examples These memory installation examples show the memory sockets associated with the first processor only. DIMM banks are active only when the corresponding processor socket is populated.