Myth in History, Philosophy of History as Myth: On the Ambivalence of Hans Blumenberg’s Interpretation of Ernst Cassirer’s Theory of y Andrew. Blumenberg’s highly original theory of myth, outlined in the volume Work on Myth (; English translation ), distinguishes him as the. In , Hans Blumenberg began a minor revolution in the philosophy of .. In his Work on Myth, Hans Blumenberg’s explanation of mythology parallels his.

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Blumenberg did, however, also warn his readers not to confound the critical deconstruction of myth with the programmatical belief in the overcoming of any mythology. This, however, should not be understood as a rational or theoretical approach to a question or dilemma: Find it on Scholar.

Horstmann, Siep, and German Idealism. The Legibility of the World The idea of ‘absolute metaphors’ turns out to be of decisive importance for the ideas of a culture, such as onn metaphor of light as truth in Neo-Platonism, to be found blumehberg the hermeneutics of Martin Heidegger and Hans-Georg Gadamer.

Book Review: ‘Hans Blumenberg on Myth and the Human Sciences.’ – History of The Human Sciences

Sign in to use this feature. The division of the powers of nature into the polytheistic pantheon oh myth, says Nicholls, summarising Blumenberg, enables these powers to be tamed and makes them accessible through mythic images and stories. This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat Context is also provided in relation to the better-known phenomenologists Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger, the Heidegger-Cassirer debate, and the philosophers and sociologists of the Frankfurt School.

The distinctness and meaning of these metaphors constitute the perception of reality as a whole, a necessary prerequisite for human orientation, thought and action. Blumenberg’s interpretations are extremely unpredictable and personal, all full of signs, blumenverg and suggestions, sometimes ironic. Chiara Bottici – – Iris. After Blumenberg continued his studies of philosophy, Germanistics and classical philology at the University of Hamburgand graduated in with a dissertation on the origin of myt ontology of the Middle Ages, at the University of Kiel.

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Suzi Adams – – Critical Horizons 13 1: Blumenberg created what has come to be called ‘metaphorology’, which states that what lies under metaphors and language modisms, is the nearest to the truth and the farthest from ideologies.

In recent years, the worm of political myth has attracted increasing scholarly attention. This phenomenon may range from the attempt to fully explicate the metaphor while losing sight of its illustrative function, to the experience of becoming immersed in metaphors influencing the seeming logicality of conclusions. Considerations on the Work of Hans Blumenberg.

Work on Myth

William Schultz – – Garland. In this sense, myth is already an attempt to render the world comprehensible, to identify divine or demonic powers, and to manage them, for example, by means of sacrifice or supplication. Science Logic and Blujenberg.

The increasing interest in political myth seems to be related to the rapidly changing landscape of contemporary politics. History of Western Philosophy. Critical Theory of the Contemporary In its wake, the concept of political myth has begun to establish itself as a relevant concept of political theory.

Digging under apparently meaningless anecdotes of the history of occidental thought and literature, Blumenberg drew a map of the expressions, examples, gestures, that flourished in the discussions of what are thought to be more important matters.


He received the postdoctoral habilitation inwith a dissertation on ‘Ontological Distance, an Wprk into the Crisis of Edmund Husserl ‘s Phenomenology ‘Die ontologische Distanz: Reflecting his studies of Husserl, Blumenberg’s work concludes that in the last resort our potential scientific enlightenment finds its own subjective and anthropological limit in the fact that we are constantly falling back upon the imagery of our contemplations. Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot blujenberg chart.

Hans Blumenberg’s Theory of MythRoutledgep. For Blumenberg, all the achievements of human culture presuppose that this state of sheer biological nonviability, this nightmare scenario of ultimate selective disadvantage, has been put behind us through nothing but our ability of telling tales. This discovery and an exploration of this avoidance or self-perceived failure to publish those reflections suggestive perhaps of biographical motives gives this book a special significance in Blumenberg studies.

Blumenberg’s work was of a predominantly historical nature, characterized by his great philosophical and theological learning, and by the precision and pointedness of his writing style. Myth in History, Philosophy of History as Myth: Hurley – – Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 96 1: Pini Ifergan – – Continental Philosophy Review 48 3: Castoriadis and the Non-Subjective Field: This entry has no external blumenbery.

Towards a Philosophy of Political Myth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Catholic theology was the only subject choice subsequently open to him, as it was offered by the church and not by the state.