Enter Jake Thorn, a Prince of the Underworld disguised as another high-schooler , who wants Beth as his Princess of the Third Circle of Hades. Hades[edit]. Published on 30 August , Hades is the second instalment of the Halo series. Bethany is kidnapped by a demon and. Hades (Halo Trilogy, book 2) by Alexandra Adornetto – book cover, description, publication history.

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Alexandra Adornetto

She uses the power of true love again to manifest physically in the car with Jake and Xavier and to stop the car careening off the edge of alexabdra cliff. I knew I had to buy it. WHO has ever done that before? Ships from and sold by Amazon. Views Read Edit View history.

Growing a pair might help too. I weep for literature. Well, because the one exorcism scene was actually well written, so if you want one nice scene, read a ton of shit and you’ll get one. Spending time at her grandmother’s country estate in the south of England seemed to be her chance to get away from her grief and the spirits that haunt her.

After reading your review, now I know. Apart from wanting to know more about Molly and Gabriel, the only thing I enjoyed about this was the exorcism scene.

Humans call each other pet names like ‘Huggie Bear’; they make unfunny jokes with each other; and sometimes couples seem to be bonded at the hip. I already said that? I don’t even know where it’s located in the Bible.

There were hzdes three angels, the elder one liked cooking, the middle one liked partying, the little one made everyone’s life miserable. Let me begin by saying that this book will be given 1.


Gabriel is an archangel and Ivy is a Seraphim. A boy with whom you have never spoken to before suddenly rides up on a motorcycle and claims that your boyfriend just got drunk and did something totally crazy both of which you know he’d never do and isn’t breathing,is happy about seeing you in pain, and says you’ve got to go with him now; which you accept. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There are several things that bugged me about this book. Bethany aoexandra her way into Xavier’s bedroom.

Like an idiot, she shows off her angelic powers when she sees someone in need of adorbetto, and all the demons turn on her.

Jun 21, Kat rated it really liked it. Buy the selected items together This item: Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

Hades – Paranormal Book Summaries

Are you asking me to have sex with you? But hey on the bright side I love the cover of this and Halo. He’s even worse than Satan, as far as pathetically portrayed characters go. But do not buy the book, Jesus Fucking Christ do not buy the book please. HALO had so many problems: But she defends herself right?

Because I won’t explain who all of the characters are inbetween my rage outs. Why don’t you get in my van on my motorcycle? So I said Christian believers could be horrified by this whole mess. Xavier and Bethie’s relationship. Okay, if I was going to pinpoint what my adornetfo pet peeve is with this book is the twisted values it preaches. So this means that in this books universe, all of the signs ahdes the end of the world have already occurred.


Her character, in particular, frustrates adornettp to no end. I’m done with this book now with this review being done, and if I ever pick alexanfra book up again, so help me God somebody slap me.

So predictable, I mean my little cousins would even figure out the ending. If I’ve read this wrong, please tell me. Not only are the views that Bethany preaches arcane and limited, a lot of them are backwards. Too bad Bethany has the personality of a new born kitten. You know you’re in a sorry state when you get one-upped by Bethany and you can’t even kill her royal annoyingness who practically does it herself almost every day.

Why is it so hard for authors to make these teeth-gnashingly evil and yet super sexy characters appealing? You hateful, slimy bastard. Ivy and Gabriel do the rest of the saving by freezing time. I don’t care if this is a fictional story or not; there are still certain rules that still always will apply, and one of those being: That brings me to Oh, and there’s one more thing I wanted to mention Hades Halo Trilogy by Alexandra Adornetto Just give it a shot, okay?

Hades is NOT Hell! Lucifer is a fan of using Powerpoint presentations in Hell to demonstrate whatever point he wants to make.