THE GATEKEEPERS: Inside the Admissions Process of a Premier College. Jacques Steinberg, Author. Viking $ (p) ISBN. In the fall of , New York Times education reporter Jacques Steinberg was given The Gatekeepers follows a diverse group of prospective students as they . From the fall of to the spring of , New York Timeseducation reporter Jacques Steinberg was given unparalleled access to an entire admissions season.

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Journal of College Admissions, Summer We were all fiercely wanted there, entirely regardless of ‘what we could add.

THE GATEKEEPERS: Inside the Admissions Process of a Premier College

For others in the same boat, take heart: Discover what to read next. In addition to that, Steinberg made sure to The Gatekeepers, by Jacques Steinberg, was a very useful and informative account of the process a college goes through each year to ultimately decide who to accept into their institution.

Despite her low class rank, she flourishes at a Maryland preparatory school, becoming one of the first Latina campus leaders the school had ever had. Jordan Goldman is an aspiring writer with well-placed connections who initially has his mind set on attending Brown and little else.

Other editions – View all The Gatekeepers: Perhaps the saddest part is the coda, wherein two students who were accepted despite mediocre grades and SAT scores were unable to handle the academic work and had to take time off from college, whereas two students who were rejected despite great SAT scores soared at their back up schools.

I hope I gained enough perspective from this book to remember that the admissions process is highly subjective, and therefore somewhat random, and should never be viewed as a referendum on the worth of any human being. Among the book’s surprises are that supplementary material, no matter how impressive, carries no weight in deciding who javques in, sfeinberg honesty about a mistake—in one case, an incident involving a pot brownie—can influence an admissions officer to admit.


Same mixture of helplessness and resolve in the teeth of great crushing cogs of machinery through which I, tiny scared thing, must somehow shove my baby to the other side.

Inside the Admissions Process of a Premier College”. This is a well written and engaging book, I felt very connected to Ralph and his own journey as a college admission offi As someone who is not familiar with the American college process and having a son in 11th grade in New York, I chose this as book number one to read on college admissions, a little late perhaps.

The discussion of their friendship gatekeeperz the professional challenges college admissions brings to their personal relationship over the course of the year.

I kid you not; I spent several sleepless nights obsessing about things like “If only I’d taken more AP classes,” “If only I’d understood that the letter I go Another reviewer said that this book is guaranteed to give high school kids a nervous breakdown, and I’m sure it’s true because I’m over 40, and it’s given me a mid-life crisis. From the fall of to the spring ofNew York Times education reporter Jacques Steinberg was given unparalleled access to an entire admissions season at Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

Contents The Tortilla Test. Jacques on the TODAY show In “You Are an Ironman,” bestselling author and New York Times reporter Jacques Steinberg strives to understand the drive six individuals feel to feverishly train and push themselves as hard as they can to be able to be able to complete the world’s most formidable triathlon.

Dec steinnberg, Will Crawford rated it really liked it. I knew Ralph had followed her for so long. Steinberg follows six college applicants through the admissions process.

Jacques Steinberg

These men and women give their lives to their institution, pouring their hearts out to fight for high school students that deserve a chance to better themselves through higher education. This is an excellent ethnographic study of what the college admissions process is like using Wesleyan University as the focal point. Read Faster Say No.

It follows an admission officer on his recruitment trips and the process in general. About Jacques Steinberg Jacques Steinberg has been a staff reporter for The New York Times for more than ten years and currently is a national education correspondent. Jan 18, Tisha rated it really liked it.


The Gatekeepers: Inside the Admissions Process of a Premier College

Aiding Students, Buying Students: Steinberg also moderates The Choice, the Times college admissions blog, which he created for the paper in spring I work in independent jwcques admissions at a highly competitive school. That said, I still skimmed over the bits where we left the students and went back to Ralph’s life. Read it Forward Read it first. The Gatekeepers is both an intelligent expose steinbreg the college admissions system and yet a frightening picture of what is, and will continue to be, a maddening system of partial judges.

John Bundris of the Christian Science Monitor described The Gatekeepers as a “fitting denouement after the college applications are in the mail – for parent and student alike”. View Full Version of PW. A really interesting non-fiction book about the admissions process at an “ivy league light” instituion. Witheringly honest, in some case Note: The first book to reveal the college admission process in such behind-the-scenes detail, The Gatekeepers will be required reading for every parent of a high school-age child and for every student facing the arduous and anxious task of applying to college.

How much did the author make up, after hasty shallow interviews, about people’s decision-making and their feelings about the college steinbetg The stifling vision of diversity on offer and the obvious failure jafques back it up – with money, first and foremost – once admission are done and gstekeepers rankings gained.

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