From Manassas To Appomattox has ratings and 35 reviews. General James Longstreet is one of the most controversial figures of the American Civil War. This on-line edition of Lieutenant-General James Longstreet’s memoirs is based directly on the second edition published by Lippincott, Philadelphia. User Review – Flag as inappropriate. Google mistakenly placed a picture of JEB Stuart instead of James Longstreet at the front of the scanned file. User Review.

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Hill was riding on horseback. And his staunchest defenders were always the men who served under him. Lee’s actions in a few cases, a crime of crimes to those folks to whom Lee could do no wrong. Most southerners, in fact, did not own slaves. I think General Longstreet understood how good men could be used both well and poorly. There is also a lot of ink in this book dedicated to refuting charges leveled by other Confederate leaders after the war.

This is a life-size statue, and on the ground, in motion and frpm can stand next to it and feel like you are touching Hero, his mount, or his foot in the stirrup, and look up into the bearded face of the General, on horseback as he struggles to see over the heads of his troops, across the fields to the heights beyond.

As General Longstreet played such an important role in the Civil War, his detailed, well-researched, and controversial memoirs play an important role in recounting the history of the Civil As far as prominent figures of the American Civil War go, Longstret Longstreet looms large. Pickle Partners Publishing Edition: James Longstreet No preview available – What makes it unique is that it is not a product of the generation that fought the war who vrom their statues on huge pedestals, remote, distant, frozen forever in stillness.

From Manassas to Appomattox

Jul 01, Aaron Crofut rated it liked it Shelves: Lee—has undergone dramatic swings msnassas the course of history. Hill to meet his orders for the afternoon of the 28th. Note – The Kindle version is free or was but does not contain maps, charts etc.

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It is the personal opinions that make this book very good. Worse, in terms of controversies, Longstreet was mildly critical of Robert E. It’s far from perfect, and more insight into General Longstreet’s personal experiences would have been better, but it’s still a decent read for a Civil War buff.

General Jackson may have been Lee’s Right arm, in the precursor to shock and awe, Longstreet was the man who Lee could use to fix the Army of the Potomac, and if he would have been supported in Tennessee, he would have routed the Western Union Armies.

Longstreet writes in the 19th century style, which may make it a bit tedious for some readers, but if you are student of the Civil war, it is necessary reading in order to gain a full understanding of the relationship between what was happening on the battlefield and the political atmosphere of the day. So, it is worth reading Longstreet’s version of events, which help to put the postwar controversies into perspective. He frankly recounts how he considered offering his “relief from service” on more than one occasion.

Includes Civil War Map and Illustrations Pack— battle plans, campaign maps and detailed analyses of actions spanning the entire period of hostilities.

The south could not replace losses as quickly as the north. Also, because the book was written well after the war, there is just a bit of controversy surrounding it. It’s a great read but you’d better have your Civil War Battle maps with you because Longstreet goes into great detail about the deployment, maneuver and disposition of every brigade in every battle for both sides which sometimes bogs down the narrative.

I appreciate the fact that appimattox paints Lee as a human being, and not a neo-God; but at the same time he really does nothing to forward his own cause in doing so. Want to understand our nation today, and the struggle that continues to put the shame of slavery behind us?

It is so full of typos and off characters used to make letters that it is just hard to read. Page – General McLaws, with his own division and that of General RH Anderson, will follow General Longstreet; on reaching Middletown he will take the route to Harper’s Ferry, and by Friday morning possess himself of the Maryland Heights and endeavor to capture the enemy at Harper’s Ferry and vicinity.


I guess since it has been months since I was reading it that I won’t get back to it, I’ll just call it a day. The devices were apparently successful as a group of Federal cavalry are reputed to have set them off and taken casualties p. From Manassas to Appomattox: Operation Lon The jamez side of being called a traitor I grew up hearing stories about General Longstreet.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Longstreet’s memoirs reflect the combative style of the old soldier.

From Manassas To Appomattox

It was close enough to learn, but manassaz close enough to be locked into the perspective of the time. Lee’s orders at Gettysburg, kanassas have concluded that the primary responsibility for the Confederate defeat on the Pennsylvania battlefield lies with Lee. Sep 10, Charlie Shaw added it. Trivia About From Manassas To For years, this has been one of those books I was going to get to. Underrepresented view of the Civil War I had always admired what little I found in histories about General Longstreet.

Too technical, too too detailed. Reading this felt like you were walking into the middle of an argument.

Catalog Record: From Manassas to Appomattox : memoirs of the | Hathi Trust Digital Library

He recounts his participation in some of its most important battles—Manassas, Antietam, Chickamauga, and, most significantly from the standpoint of his reputation, Gettysburg. That and his intimate knowledge of the terrain and my lack thereof for most of the sites made this a hard book to read. All agree, manaesas, that Longstreet was not only a dependable fighter but completely devoted to Robert E.

See this thread for more information.

I bought this on Halloween weekend in in Bryson City after our train ride up the Natahalla Gorge.