Chill winds still blew. Dusty snow fell. But the ancient sea was in no hurry. The Earth had spun six thousand times since flames blossomed and cities died. Now . THE POSTMAN is a best-selling and award-winning dystopian novel that was the core basis for a motion picture of the same name, directed by and. This is the story of a lie that became the most powerful kind of truth. A timeless novel as urgently compelling as War Day or Alas, Babylon.

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Speculiction Review of The Postman by David Brin

This is not a book to be treated delicately or reverently; it is meant to be read, re-read, enjoyed, and explained. The cover is faded. Another man, smaller and more shabby, hurried into view canning a cloth sack and a battered rifle. Open Preview See a Problem? But Gordon knew where he was going. The strong survive and the weak obey—or perish. A survivor dons an old postal inspector uniform and becomes the personification of a lost ideal. The best done to make Krantz an unwilling hero mainly by equivocating his decisionsthere is nevertheless a lack of uniformity to his deeper character.

Even limping, Gordon was able to move silently and quickly, the only advantage of camp moccasins over boots. The question brim responsibility goes deeper than the momentary events that triggered the collapse, much deeper?


Gordon’s position and fame grow as he travels west from Pine View into the heart of Oregon, mostly at first because it’s useful. One of the main questions he confronts constantly is, who will accept responsibility? Nathan Holn was an author who championed a virulently violent, misogynistic, and hypersurvivalist society.

The Postman by David Brin

At thirty-four he probably weighed less than he had at seventeen. Their lair had to be somewhere off this same trail. It didn’t take telepathy to tell that these bastards were only toying with their victim. And of course ten spare rounds for his.

The Postman

Postal Service jeep doing out cavid, anyway? Daring yet plausible, challenging yet rewarding, it raised the bar for grown-up alien contact sci-fi. I liked Gordon, the Postman. Throwing scalding tea into the face of the first bearded robber, he dove right into the nearby brambles.

Chicago Tribune ” The Postman will keep you engrossed until you’ve finished the ravid page. At last Gordon realized the game path was turning inexorably westward. He tried hard to cut down slope, but the narrow game paths kept forcing him north and westward.


Gordon grabbed sacks — bearing the imprint U. If anything, living outside the US this past decade has given me a new perspective on my homeland. After being bushwacked and losing much of his kit, he stumbles on a wrecked mail delivery jeep and adds “postman” to his many roles.

Brin offers a wealth of philosophical speculation and draws us into contemplation of whether our leaders have the right to act in ways that violate our futures.


Gordon crouched, hypnotized, as a superstitious thrill coursed up his spine. That would have forced them to take him seriously again He hissed through clenched teeth as the waves of agony slowly faded. I did not want his story to end too soon.

Well te And yesI know. Only a stroke of luck had given it away. To have held liquid for sixteen years or more it had to be well sealed. You’ve no real need for my jacket or my toothbrush or my notebook, either. Septien listened, and finally shrugged.