Croquis elaborados en la factoría misterroresfavoritos. Also, many of the easier climbing routes can be seen as practice routes, ensuring that Torozo, together with the towers of Los Galayos is among the best known. Reasons for going to Galayos. Posted on Monday November 5th, by admin — No Comments ↓. After many summers going to Galayos.

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Just for those who are willing to walk enough.

So you know Get together a good gang, trickle them, deal your things and gift yourselves a trip to paradise Photogalery of Hoyamoros. Download Black Spire Topo [pdf 11Mb].

Our reporters are now there, looking for answers. Photogalery of Desert Towers.

Clownclimbing – just for fun

January by Jose M. Weather Conditions La Albujea and El Torozo Since there is a huge elevation gain of up to m between the north and the south of the Sierra de Gredos Main Ridgeweather conditions on both sides are very different.

But once again when you see on paper you are satisfied. Torozo south face, where all climbing routes run. What is happening in Galayos? Therefore the north is far colder and dryer than the south.


Index of /Gredos/Croquisgredos

Go to Red Rocks. Photo galery of Casal Pianos. Gredos Ibex resting on the Torozo north summit. Sure, so extrage place can not appear by chance. Point the nose of your brand new racing car to Yosemite National Park and you floor the accelerator.

The photo gallery is coming soon. Besides the 6 tips we saw youhere you have a few routes we have enjoyed.

So when you are asked by a friend, a coworker, a mother, a boss or a girlfriend you can get by gracefully and you will not look silly to go many times to the same site on which there is not a shred of comfort. Approximations road, with real risk of crushing the door against a rock in the dry bed of a river, talus that takes an hour to climb, sun, heat, lack of water, very athletic rockclimbing on rock sometimes dubious and incredible summit.

The shelter becomes a space of humanity. So for a whole summer has been dedicated to asking people we met there: Yor have listen thousand of histories about its hard and long routes, but it is not completelly understood till the moment of been there. And as any good boulder plan, the more we are, the funnier. Torozo seen across Puerto del Pico. You have to rent a house, a car, sleeping on a bed and sometimes dinner at a restaurant.

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Spring, Summer, Fall Elevation: Everywhere you look it seems the sky. But Red Rocks has a little of everyhwere and much more. Even now, seeing photos, are putting me the creeps. Poineers of rock climbing in Spain talk about their adventures in this place. V January by Jose M. This is a fact. It sounds like a promised land, but all that is good has a price to pay. This tangle of lines, grades, belays and rappels not intended to be the last word.