Blowback has ratings and reviews. Gary said: This author keeps coming up with ways to keep the story fresh. In a James Rollins/Dan Brown type.. . Archaeologists make a stunning discovery in a pass high in the French – Italian Alps, but do not live to tell the tale. A year later, Islamic. Blowback by Brad Thor – Scot Harvath’s counterterrorism career has just crashed and burned—thanks in part to a ruthless senator with her sights set on the.

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You’d be surprised how long ancient poisons remain lethal” p This was the fifth Brad Thor book I’ve read and there’s no improvement in my pleasure scale of his works. He knows what “danse macabre” means, but not what “memento mori” means.

Harvath must go out alone and try to stop a deadly biological weapon from being distributed in America. I felt the story and how it evolved was just silly and weak. I was looking forward to it with much enthusiasm, it having won a prestigious “best thriller of the year” award, and it IS a great yarn – but is buried under bowback avalanche of dizzying detail.

Blowback (Scot Harvath, book 4) by Brad Thor

The writing is inconsistent and common. Added by 14 of our members.

This is not as good as Flynn’s flawless, absorbing, nail biting suspense in the Mitch Rapp books. The faction now desires to use the weapon to rebuild the Ottoman Empire. Skorpion is fat Kalachka, underestimated by Harvath as intermediary, fence. There’s also an unbelievable amount of villains popping up suddenly when they are being talked about. In busy city bazaar, TV news exposes our hero agent Scot catching vendor, substituted for escaped Assassin Alomari.


Then it hit the three level with an over abundance of historical attention paid to this new weapon of Allah The overall synopsis of the book is as follows. And it just drug on forever, at least a pages morethan needed It’s a great premise — a biological weapon that once threatened the Roman Empire is back with the potential to wipe out huge parts of the world.

Then, moments later, he shoots the son in the knee and kills the villain, then tortures the son shooting off a couple of fingers rationalizing to himself that the only reason the king wanted his son alive was to torture him to death anyway. Refresh and try again. Of course she’s gorgeous.

Blowback | Book by Brad Thor | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Brad Thor’s main character, Scot Harvath, is a man to behold. Hippety hopping viewpoints are grating, give little bits later set into bigger bytes.

Like, literally, they will helicopter into remote mountain fortresses and land in the middle of raging firefights sneak through heavily guarded compounds all so that they can ominously enter a conversation on just the right phrase. The whole thing reeked of a one sided partisan cheer squad. I’ll leave it for a while and try again in the New Year.

It’s a great premise — a biological weapon that once threatened the Roman Empire is back with the blowbck to wipe out huge parts of the world. If you are a right-wing conservative who believes in “might is right”, then you’ll like Brad Thor’s novels.

And climbing that mountain to find the archeological dig. The shame is that over the past hrad years I have downloaded 15 Harvath novels and while 1 and 2 were abridged, which means I DNF’d them but not because they were badly written, and I enjoyed 3, I now have to decide whether or not to tackle 5 and onwards. And then a US army unit moves into the peaceful, multi-religion village of Asalaam near Mosul in Iraq.


I just could not take this story and characters anymore. The inclusion of the reference makes the novel all the more dramatic. Possible 1 “unintended consequences of failed foreign policy or botched covert action”, 2 “CIA agent or operation turned against creators” – before Prologue. Discovery of artifacts among icy ruins, an ancient threat unearthed, henchmen thof villains, damsels in distress, last-minute rescues, you name it, it’s in here.

Bllwback, and through him The President blowbwck the US, have other problems as well as Democrat Senator Helen Cunningham is on the trail of both of them, trying to prove that there is something else going on with covert operations. Too much boring politicos, Helen. Although wend it gets to the that point, the scenes, specially the action ones, are up to the challenge.

BLOWBACK – Brad Thor

He just can’t be blowbakc down to a single lady. Nov 08, Matt Odom rated it really liked it. Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah is good. We get to know widow Marie Lavoine, who offers some artifacts her husband, expedition guide Bernard, hid separately from expedition leader Donald. I have something else in mind for you. Jun 24, Terence M rated it did not like it Shelves: