Black Ice [Lorene Cary] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Lorene Cary, a bright, ambitious black teenager from Philadelphia, was. Black Ice Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and Black Ice by Lorene Cary . With her first book, Black lee (), African American author Lorene Cary has entered the literary arena through the passage – a true rite of passage indeed- of.

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Do you think she is correct to feel mistrust? The book opens with a chapter lornee June How does Cary react to the residents of the state school for the retarded who serve the St. This is certainly an interesting and worthy topic for a memoir; unfortunately, the execution was a bit lacking for me.

What does she bring you to understand about her family life? This novel outlines the experience of a young Black girl attending a school newly integrated along gender and racial lines. She also talks about coming into her own as a person and as a scholar.

At the beginning, you read with the expectation that some prolific experience will happen to the character the olrene the truths and realities of what it is to be Black in a world made for whites.

Paul’s, graduating in Paul’s being especially racist, I suppose, than of the entire country being racist and St. It made me think as I always have how different African Americans are.

Will such a goal ever be attainable? Do they hold her back in any way?

Black Ice Summary & Study Guide

While reading Black Icestudents should be encouraged to research the history of American race relations and civil rights, and also to read the newspapers, paying special attention to current stories dealing loerne racial issues, particularly to those concerning young people.


This veering between unfortunate vagueness and unnecessary detail made the book feel uneven, possibly not quite finished. After reading her story, what do you think her answer might be?

The school’s only recently decided to accept women and minorities, so the narrator, who lives near Philly, applies and gets in, only to find herself struggling to belong on two fronts as an African-American young woma I actually meant to read this memoir for a class in college about 10 years ago! The following suggestions should aid comprehension, inspire independent research and writing, and provide ideas for in-class discussion of individual themes.

What does she imply in this sentence? How does that feeling of guilt affect her life at St. It’s all about who you know and what they can do for you. At one point in the narrative, Cary sees herself as a “token black” [p. That being said, this book certainly hit home for me because I am quite familiar with nearly all of the places and traditions that she mentions.

View the Study Pack. Had she earned her place at St. She spe Lorene Cary bornPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania is an American author, educator, and social activist. Scott Fitzgerald, the writer who articulated my fearful suspicions about my white schoolmates, had gone there” [p. Dick, “If you get a really good report card, you feel like you better hide it on the way home” [p. Why does Cary take to cruising the dorm and committing petty theft?

Black Ice Teacher’s Guide

What had I done, I kept thinking, that was worthy of their faith? In what way does she identify with her mother, and in what way does she seek to differentiate herself from her? She spent two years at St. What does she mean by this term? How would she define this concept?

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Black Ice Summary & Study Guide

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. A compelling examination of the role of Affirmative Action in one young woman’s life as she comes of age at the newly-integrated St. The author’s life is interesting and the premise has blck lot of weight to it, but she never really looks in-depth lordne her experiences. Art Sanctuary annually hosts an African American arts festival, during which writers discuss their work with up to 1,—2, students, and another 2,—3, people participate in panels, workshops, the basketball tournament, teachers’ symposium, Family Pavilion, main stage, and other ide.

The fact that it’s nonfiction only makes it better. What did her experience at the science fair teach Lorene Cary? While the narrator touches on this experience, she This novel outlines the experience of a young Black girl attending a school newly integrated along gender and racial lines. How would you define it?

She won the scholarship, graduated from St. The New York Times.

Drake recommended this book to me as an example of a high school memoir written by a local. Is this a reasonable fear, an understandable one?