[Hello Malinda] Origami Tutorial: Swirled Center GG Rose (Gift of Gifts & Bai)| 折纸教程:卷心GG玫瑰,由GG和白叔设计~ – Duration: 24 minutes. Malinda Huang . Todos los títulos de libros por autor Apolodoro de Atenas: Apollodorus of Athens (ancient Greek Ἀπολλόδωρος), Athens, (c. BC.) -Pérgamo ( a.). Apolodoro de Atenas translation in Spanish-English dictionary.

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Apolodoro de Atenas in Latin – Spanish-Latin Dictionary

The son of Timarchus of Phlius, a philosopher of the sect of the Sceptics, and a celebrated writer of the species of satiric poems called Silli, flourished in the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus, about B. Nothing is known of his life. He was a pupil of Atena ; and also, atenass to Suidas, of Plato and of Aristotle. He became, but at what period of his life is not known, a citizen of Athens. The son of Ariston and grandson of the elder Sophocles, was also an Athenian tragic poet.

Respecting the meaning of the title of the play, Agen, there are various conjectures, all of them very uncertain.


The most celebrated of his poems, however, were dde satiric compositions called Silli. Another error, into which some writers have been led by thfc character of the Daphnis of Sositheus, is that of making him a comic poet.

The tragedies which are referred to by the ancients under the name of Carcinus, probably all belong to the younger Carcinus.

Of Syracuse or Athens, or rather, according to Suidas, of Alexandreia in the Troad, was a distinguished tragic poet, one of the Tragic Pleiad, and the antagonist of the tragic poet Homer: Ion of Chios 5.


Of his tragedies only a few titles remain, namely, ThyestesAchilleusHeleneHeraklesMedeiaOidipousChrysipposSemele and it is remarkable that all of these, except the last, are ascribed by Diogenes Laertius to Diogenes the Cynic.

There is another Apollodorus of Tarsus, who was probably a grammarian, and wrote commentaries on the early dramatic writers of Greece. This supposition agrees with the statement of Suidas, according to whom Carcinus the son of Xenocles lived about B.

As a poet, Lycophron obtained a place in the Tragic Pleiad; but there is scarcely a fragment of his tragedies extant. All that we know of his tragedies is contained in a passage of Clemens Alexandrinus, who refers to statements made in three of them respecting the mere humanity of the Dioscuri.

Euphorion wrote numerous works, both in poetry and prose, relating chiefly to mythological history. We may suppose that Theodectes died about B.

He was the son of Satyrus and Stratocleia, and a native of Pleuron in Aetolia, but spent the greater part of his life at Alexandria, where he was reckoned one of aplodoro seven tragic poets who constituted the tragic Pleiad. Carcinus the Younger 5. AlphesiboiaAchilleusPhersiktonos aploodoro Phersites a title which seems to imply a satyric drama, if not one approaching still nearer to a comedyDionysosThyestesIoMinyaiOdysseus traumatiasOineus and Kentauros.

A tragic poet, who is said to have begun to exhibit at Athens in B.

Library, The: v. 2. Tr. fr. Greek Sir J. G. Frazer – Apolodoro de Atenas – Google Books

Neophron of Sicyon It is very doubtful whether the last was a tragedy at all, and indeed what sort of poem it was. Iophon of Athens It is, however, a very probable conjecture that, since Aristophanes of Byzantium pronounced 27 of the plays which were extant in his time under the name of the great Sophocles to be spurious, some of these may have been the productions of his grandson.


Theodectes devoted himself, during the first part of his life, entirely to rhetoric, and afterwards he turned his attention to tragic poetry, but his dramatic works partook largely of the rhetorical character, so that, while in tragedy he may be regarded as, to some extent, an imitator of Euripides, he must be considered, in his whole literary character, as the disciple of Isocrates, whose style he is said to have followed very closely.

Choerilus of Athens 3. An Athenian orator and tragic poet, was the son of the Rhetorician Hippias and Plathane. Antiphron of Syracuse 3.

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Nicomachus of Phrygia A Greek poet and grammarian, who lived in the reign of Ptolemaeus Philadelphus. Apollodorus of Tarsus Among his epic poems, we possess the titles and some fragments of three pieces: He wrote 42 dramas, of which we know nothing, except that the Themistocleswhich is enumerated among the plays of Philiscus the comic poet, ought probably to be ascribed to him: Athens Five of the Canon: The writings of Timon are represented as very numerous.

Nothing more is known of his life.