Title: Ansiedad estado precompetitiva en judocas. (Spanish); Alternate Title: Precompetitive state anxiety in judo. (English) Ansiedade estado pré-competitivo e. Abstract. CASTRO, Diego Segura et al. Self-Efficacy, Precompetitive Anxiety and Self-Perception of Performance in Under 17 and Juvenile Soccer Players. Adaptación del Inventario Revisado de Ansiedad Estado Competitiva-2 a . Me di da de la Ansiedad Precompetitiva: Adaptación del CSAI-2R al español.

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Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, 18 2 This abstract may be abridged.

Ansiedad estado precompetitiva en judocas.

The Revised Almost Perfect Scale. Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send anssiedad article by e-mail.

Psychological Methods, 7 1 Influencia sobre la autoestima. Do anxious swimmers swim slower? Moderate levels aansiedad cognitive and somatic anxiety in both men and women and Spaniards and Mexicans were obtained; Also high values in confidence, significantly higher in men versus women and Mexicans with respect to Spanish. Perfectionism as a transdiagnostic process: Advances in motivation in sport and exercise.


State perfectionism and predompetitiva relation to trait perfectionism, type of situation, priming, and being observed. A comparison of methods to test mediation and other intervening variable effects. Relationship between multidimensional perfectionism and goal orientations in sport. With slight differences by sex and country, anxiety could predict score higher in the less desirable psychological constructs analyzed addiction, extrinsic motivation and guidance to egowhile self-confidence was precomeptitiva reverse, that is, by value in as far as the most desirable psychological constructs commitment and more self-determined motivation.

The aim was to find out what had predictive relationships pre-competitive anxiety about the commitment to run, run negative addiction, motivations and perceptions of success in road races. We analyze these relationships using a multidimensional anxiety perspective. The perils of perfectionism in sports and exercise.

Relations between multidimensional perfectionism and burnout in junior-elite male athletes. Going beyond the dialectic of good versus evil.

Services on Demand Article. Differentiating striving for perfection and negative reactions to imperfection.

EBSCOhost | | Ansiedad estado precompetitiva en judocas.

Motivational antecedents of obligatory exercise: Relationship between sport perfectionism and perceived competence as a function of skill level and sport type. Journal of Sports Sciences, 23 9 In sports, to study the dimensions of anxiety that involved in individual developing has become one of the key topics of the psychology of sport and exercise. Journal of Personality Assessment, 82 180— The aim of this study was to analyze a predictive model of state perfectionism on goal orientations, and precompetitive anxiety and self-confidence, through two models that analyze sequential relationships.


Participants runners en route Spaniards, Mexicans Measurement and correlates of sport specific cognitive and somatic trait anxiety: The complexity of behavior pp. Relationships with emotion, motivation, and performance.

Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, 34 3 Ciencia UANL, 18 74 A new measure of perfectionism: Recent extensions and future directions. A qualitative analysis of ansievad types of goals athletes set in training and competition.

Competitive anxiety in sport. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 34 2