Find great deals for Allen Heath GL Console. Shop with confidence on eBay !. The Allen and Heath GL is supremely adaptable to every application and is perfect for engineers in both live sound and recording. Based on the highly. I hope this post is incorrectly located, hey every one,I’m saving a few bucks to buy a nice console, and I saw someone is selling his Allen.

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The GL includes a ‘solo safe’ facility so that selected mutes can be disabled from the solo system. A ramped FET audio element on each channel provides silent muting under control of the microprocessor.

I’ve pinged Carey Davies to see if there’s any info he can offer. This image, which was originally posted to Flickrwas uploaded to Commons using Flickr upload bot on 23 November Using the GL g4l800 a Monitor Console The GL can be easily configured to function as a ehath 12 buss on-stage monitor console 10 wedges plus side fills14 buss 10 wedges plus 4 IEMor many other combinations.

Tell us what’s missing.

File:Allen & Heath GL4800 (QuadFest).jpg

The console is available in 24, 32, 40 and 48 channel sizes with an external 3U rack power unit. Similarly the console outputs should be correctly neath to the operating levels of the connected amplifiers and destination equipment.

It will serve us well for some years as we build the business for our larger events. Before 0 there is a special snapshot called ALL.

The signal is sourced pre PAN control so that the mono mix is not affected when the stereo mix image is adjusted. Please login or register. Operate the console with its underside cover correctly fitted.

Adjust LEV to trim the output level to match the connected equipment. General Precautions The wire which is coloured Brown must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter L. The GL Sys-Link V2 option is an input-only version, which allows the console to act as a master console but not as a slave.


Reduce the gain if the red peak indicators flash. Included is information on installing, connecting and operating the console, panel drawings, system block diagram, technical hwath and cue sheets.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Cue Sheet 2 hheath 5 GL Copy and use this page to record your console settings.

Allen&Heath GL : USER GUIDE User guide

Select these using a pointed object. You would normally do this before programming the snapshots for a particular show. Here are just a few key points we considered when specifying the GL Adam Finlayson wrote on Tue, 16 November Please read it fully before starting.

AFL alle provided so that the recording level can be checked independent of the live mix: This includes the current console mute settings, mute groups, snapshots, safe settings, solo settings, console modes, and console MIDI channel number. Earthing Use professional quality cables and connectors and check for correct wiring and reliable solder joints. An optional SysLink V2 input expander system is available. Page 41 Solo Safes Solo-In-Place can mute all the console mutes including channels, aux sends, groups and main outputs.

The GL provides a ‘soft’ mute system controlled by a built-in microprocessor which gives far greater control and versatility than the conventional systems found in other consoles. Page 32 A,len Groups A mute group lets you mute a selected combination of channels with a single key press. This is much like taking a ‘snapshot’ of the console settings. Mute affects the post-fade signal and will also affect the pre-fade signal if the internal option links are configured to do so factory default setting.

Mono And Master Section ‘safe’ during the show. The GL takes this an important stage further. Page 49 You may also be required to provide separate recording, broadcast and zone heafh, and even record the show for the performers.


You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. The snapshot number is simply dialled up on the 3 segment display and its contents recalled or overwritten with the current console settings. Included is information on installing, connecting and operating the console, panel drawings, system block diagram, technical specification and cue sheets.


Each channel and group can be routed direct to this buss by pressing the related M routing switch. You may want to prevent selected channels being overwritten, for example if you need to repatch mic channels to deal with a cable break during a live show. Typical use would be: You can toggle between your last selected solo setting and the full mix to compare the effect. If too high the signal peaks will be clipped resulting in a harsh distorted sound, and if too low the signal-to-noise ratio is reduced resulting in excessive background hiss and noise.

The system has been designed and tested to be reliable under the harsh conditions typical of live sound ‘on the road’. Views View Edit History. This turns the audio signal on or off. Makes sense to cease production if your buying base is dwindling fast. All the console main inputs and outputs are balanced XLRs.