² 4XR 9DGLV” $& New GL Migration 7KLV LV $& FRXUVH YHUV FROO QG KDOI RI Duration: 3 days AC course version / Visit. •ACenables project members and consultants to perform a migration project from classic to the new General Ledger Accounting. Therefore the. This chapter will explain the key areas of new functionality in the SAP General. Ledger, provide an overview of the most common migration scenarios, and.

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Which entries are required in the productive client in the table T8G10?

If, for example, you want tue use document splitting, you cannot pay open payables from the current fiscal year until the document was migrated. If you have other, general questions about installation and distribution within the system landscape, contact Remote Consulting.

The abovementioned ac2212 and conversion tests are easier to perform in migration phase 1 that is, before productive migration in the classic General Ledger than at a later stage when the new General Ledger is active after the migration. After the upgrade, transport the following entries of the table T8G10 from client to your productive client: There are two major aspects.

For information, see Notes and This means that document splitting must be either active or inactive in both company codes forming a pair for cross-company postings. Keep in mind that the function for validating document splitting is not available in ECC5.


The way in which the customer performs the installation depends mainly on migratkon internal processes.

Migration to the New General Ledger

For the latter, you must allow rollup for the mogration General Ledger by making the required changes directly in two customizing tables. Notify me of new posts via email. The migration requires downtime. Are there recommendations for when the document splitting should be introduced?

Then set up the project for the transition from the classic General Ledger to the new General Ledger. Clearing documents do not receive the document splitting characteristics during posting because they receive the document splitting information from the cleared items during the migration.

To configure a validation before document splitting, use transaction OB However, the new implementation of parallel accounting is not intertwined with the migration and basically represents a project of its own. For the FI reversal, the process-based splitting is relevant for the entire document. You perform the migration from the classic General Ledger to the new General Ledger at client level and it affects all company codes in this client.

Is a guide available for migration to the new General Ledger A migration guide is available. This does not apply to ECC 5.

This would mean that the new General Ledger is active in the old company codes, but there was no migration from the classic General Ledger to the new General Ledger. First, perform a full backup before the productive migration is started.


This means that you should upgrade to ECC 6. First implement the new company code. During document splitting, what must I consider in connection with cross-company postings? The above executions for migration scenario 3 and 4 must be observed.

SAP-Servicekatalog Konsumgüterindustrie

For example, the document type has a central control function for document splitting in the new General Ledger. Therefore, exclude inactive company codes from the migration to the new General Ledger. This issue is most likely to occur if you have cross-company code postings.

Usually, the splitting is worthwhile if the customer wants to use Financial statement and Profit and Loss Statement fields in an additional entity. Assuming that the migration will be implemented in for example an April or May weekendvarious configurations will already be required inincluding in the live system.

For test migrations, you require a current copy of the productive client. We recommend that you choose a time slot for going live when the system standstill has minimal impact on your company.